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What even is graphic design? 🤷‍♀️

A no-frills guide to graphic design for small business.

Does the term ‘graphic design’ seem completely foreign to you? Why would I engage a graphic designer to help my business grow? My simple guide defines all the important stuff. It’s my job to be across the complicated stuff, not yours.

What even is graphic design?

Graphic design can come in many forms when it comes to small businesses. The most-important element is your brand, which filters through everything you do. You may already have an established brand, the beginnings of one, or you may be starting from scratch.

Now, contrary to popular belief, a brand is more than just a logo. Your brand should be strategic to align with your goals and values. This necessary strategy translates into a solution that includes:

  • Yes, a logo

  • Colour palette

  • Typography

  • Tone of voice

  • Accompanying imagery (photography, illustration, icons)

These elements are used across all platforms and touch-points to reinforce brand recognition and trust. This may include:

  • Flyers, brochures and postcards

  • Website

  • Social media templates

  • Long documents, eg. Annual Reports

  • Signage

  • Physical space

  • Stationery, eg. Business Cards

  • + more

I have designed my own logo and use free tools to make my marketing material. Why would I need a graphic designer?

Firstly, congratulations on taking the initiative and getting stuck in! Running a business takes enormous levels of dedication and time. Doing everything yourself is such a huge accomplishment! 🎉

A few questions I would ask of your business:

  1. Are you attracting relevant clients who are willing to pay you well for your product/service?

  2. Do you feel proud to share your logo and collateral with others?

  3. Do your logo and brand elements align with your values and vision?

  4. Do you feel like you have plenty of time in your week to accomplish everything you need?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, then I am SO proud of you! You’re well on your way to success. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you need some help with the design aspects of your business. So, let’s try these questions instead:

  1. Do you feel embarrassed by your current brand?

  2. Do you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that your business requires?

  3. Do you tend to attract the wrong kind of clients, who don’t want to pay what your product/service is worth?

  4. Do you feel lost and anxious when it comes to creating content for your business?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I can help! I pride myself on guiding my clients every step of the way. You will feel confident and excited about growing your business. My goal is to free you up to work on what you do best, while I develop your brand to its full potential.

Book in a free discovery call with me to chat about how we can work together to grow and nurture your business.

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